About ECG Made Simple

ECG Made Simple is a comprehensive web-based  ECG learning program that teaches the art and science of electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation.

We try to address the  needs of various groups of learners, from beginners  to advanced.


ECG Made Simple tutorials cover most of the basic concepts needed to interpret an ECG. This includes topics on  electrophysiology, leads, normal ECGs, abnormalities and arrhythmias.

The  tutorials  utilize animations extensively to illustrate often difficult to explain time-dependent concepts inherent in ECG understanding.


The practice section is populated with over 500 ECG tracings of increasing levels of difficulty (5 levels).

Each ECG is presented in the format of a clinical case, starting with the history, then an ECG (or a series of ECGs) is shown, and finally the diagnosis is provided.


The "search" module allows users to search for ECG cases from our "Practice" section and our archives. The search could be performed using single or multiple diagnoses. Search results could be filtered based on the chosen level(s) of difficulty.

ECG IDs could also be used to look up specific ECGs.


The glossary provides a list of ECG statements with the corresponding diagnostic criteria.

These can also be viewed in all ECG cases by hovering the mouse cursor over the "active" terms in the diagnosis.